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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week 10

Double digits baby!! Week 10. Holy crap. I keep saying this, but this semester is flyyyyin. I desperately want it to slow down. But then again, I'm super stoked to go to Connecticut for my 7 week break!! 

This was the week of no sleep. Haha. But it was way good! You can't make memories when you're asleep. So I would say that the lack of sleep was well worth it.

Things I did this week:

1. Went to iJump and then learned how to drive stick shift. I'm still in shock. 

Ryan's a little more impressive than I am...

2. Reminisced on these old videos and cried a little bit because #embarrassing. I'm going to not post the links to these because...no.

3. Went to this cute little BBQ at Porter Park with these awesome people and got cotton candy wasted. 


4. Went to a bonfire out in the middle of nowhere. Killed a bunny. Cried. I can still feel the thud. 

5. Met these awesome people and danced like crazy in the rain. #picturefailure 

Always a good time with these girls! I like them a lot. 

5. Got a Twitter again because my teacher made me for an assignment...

6. Scared the freaking crap out of Coley! Best. thing. ever. 

I was kind of sucky at taking pictures this week... so I guess that's all! Oh and then make sure you watch my roommates trying my drink from hell.

 P.S. Don't mind my squeaky laugh...


Have a happy week!


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