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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Week 9

This week was amazing. I'm so sad it's already over!! My family came into town and so I spent the week with them. It was awesome. I missed them so much. 

But first, me and Coley partied hard:

Except not really because we were actually just watching The Bachelorette by ourselves. Haha. 

It was so fun showing my family around Rexburg! I love this place. 


I found my friend Ryan's business cards at Kiwi Loco (he's a magician and it's legit.) and Trevor thought it would be a good idea to try to open the hotel room with the magic business card. Haha. What a guy. 

Umm this is the only picture I got haha (sorry Ryan!) but he showed my family some of his magic tricks and I've never seen my family so amazed in my life. Haha he's so freakin good!

Said a bitter farewell to my Indiana license plate.


I just want to swim all day for the rest of my life. 

Everyone follow @_tonytroy_ on Insta ;)

Drew came to classes with me and it made me so happy!! I think I've convinced him that BYU-Idaho is the greatest place on the planet.

Taco bus! My family fell in love.

Off to Utah!!

Provo is beautiful!


Making wishes :)

Shout out to Trev. Hahaha. You sly dog. 

My baby brother isn't a baby anymore and that kills me. 

Drew's so grown up!! WHY.

We saw Grandpa Clark! I sure love him. He's a gem, that one. 93 and still goin' strong.

We went to Snowbird on Saturday and it was a blast!

Side note: I had to throw this in here somewhere. I taught my dad what YOLO was this weekend. So that was awesome.

This melted my heart.

Trevor is the sassiest dude I've ever met.

Love these boys more than anything.

My forever.

It was really hard for me to leave my family. :( I'll be seeing them in a month, but still. Haha. It killed me when we had to part ways in our cars. But Coley's cute and made me feel better!

I can't believe I have less than a month left of the semester!! This semester has seriously just FLOWN by. It's craaaaazy. I'm trying to make the most of it. :)

Have a happy day!


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