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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Adventure awaits. {4th Semester}

On my way back to Idaho after my summer in Connecticut, I saw this sunrise and it took my breath away. I posted this picture on one of my favorite apps called VSCO. I captioned it, "adventure awaits." 

To be honest, when I posted that picture, I didn't necessarily believe the adventures ahead were going to be all that great.I was going through a really hard time. I thought for sure that this was going to be the most trying semester I've ever had. I was having such a hard time accepting the fact that I wouldn't have my best friends by my side and I was so worried that my roommates weren't going to like me and that I would feel alone--a feeling that seemed to be all too familiar. I was so unsure about the future and I was so scared. 

I remember seeing this comment my grandma and grandpa made on a post of mine and thinking, "There is no way this could possibly be the best semester yet..."

...but it was. 

Little did I know when I was on that plane ride back to school that this semester was going to be the best adventure of my life! I had no idea how many blessings Heavenly Father had in store for me this semester. I met the most amazing man in the world and he makes me happier than I ever thought possible, my roommates were total gems (who quickly became some of my best friends and I love them so much), though my schoolwork was an overload, I met so many great people, and I grew closer to my Savior. This semester will be one I never forget!

Now feel free to scroll through a ton of pictures:

This place brings me so much peace.

Rachel! :)

Pics with randoms...

Missing Brooke :( 

Fall is for bonfires.

Where Kelton and I met. Haha! Had to be documented. 

I just found this gem...this was right before my first date with Kelton! I have no idea what I was doing with my fingers. Haha.

Best. date. ever.


Road trip to Utah!

I love these sweet girls with all of my heart.

Kelton is an amazing cook. I'm very spoiled!

Photo shoot with da girls!

Don't know what's going on with my feet...

My FHE brothers were so fun!

I am the paparazzi. 

I would just like to mention again that Kelton is an amazing cook.

#dead #socute

I want one.

That smile gets me every time.

Sending off floating lanterns for my birthday!

I turned TWENTY... say whaaaaa?

I'm way too lucky.

Me being an eskimo and Kelton being handsome, as usual.

Forever indebted to these girls for introducing me to Kelton!!

I like pumpkins.

Lex...round of applause for you because you rock.


Cocoa Lodge is a yes.

Halloween was a blast!!

My daddy came and I couldn't have been more excited!!!

Drew got his mission call and that is weird and I am still freaking out and when the heck did he grow up?

#randomselfie #sorryboutit

Mass Media was a treat every day.

Piano Guys!

AZ baby!

My two favorite people!!

Oh yeah, this happened!

Brooklynn came to visit and died in the process.

That face...

And THAT face... #babykelton

Oregon was BEAUTIFUL!!! I had a blast.

Coolest family ever.

Lucky to have this man by my side.

Lunch with some friends!

Ahhh...COMM 280...good times, good times. 

Okay seriously, Nicole is the greatest human alive.

I heart Christmas time...and him.

Idaho skies never disappoint.


Props to you if you made it all the way to the bottom! It was a great semester and I feel extremely blessed. This break is way too fast... I have one more week at home until I'm back at school again! Man, oh man. 

Adventure awaits.