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Sunday, May 29, 2011


My mom and I flew up to our new home a few weeks ago. Here's how everything went down:

Thursday: Our flight left at 5:00ish and it was a looong plane ride (at least to me it was long...ha :) ) I sat next to a random couple with a cute little boy who kept trying to steal my pencil while I was doing homework. We got there really late and I remember right as I walked off the plane, I could feel the humidity. Ew. Then my dad was there to pick us up. :) It was about a 45 minute drive from the airport and all I did was look out the window the whole time. It was really dark so it was hard to see all the green and trees, but it was light enough that I could see it was nothing like Arizona...

Friday: My dad went to work and our realtor came and picked us up to go check out the high schools. That was when I could really see how different it was there...

First we went to [school #1]. It was big and confusing...and it blew my mind that it was all one huge building (because no one wants to walk from class to class in the snow...obviously.) The man-counselor gave us a tour and then we left. I thought this school was okay...

Then we went to [school #2]. I thought the last school was big and confusing...holy crap, NO. This school was BIG and confusing. We're talking almost 5,000 high school kids. Plus, the counselor was an idiot so I wasn't very pleased with this school. In fact, I was so unpleased with it that I started crying.

Our realtor took us to Paradise Bakery and I completely lost it and started bawling in the bathroom. That lunch wasn't so fun to say the least... From there on out I was a complete wreck for the rest of the trip.

Next we went to [school #3]. I honestly loved this school...it was small and the kids oddly enough seemed like they were having fun. That's when I started feeling better about moving and I was positive that this was the school I was supposed to be at.

We picked up my dad and looked at a few houses that night, but nothing jumped out at us. Then we went over to a family's house who invited us over when they heard we were moving up there. They invited two laurels from that ward over to hang out with me, which was super nice! Their names were Katie and Milani. We talked for a little bit and then they wanted to go ride around on their Rhinos (mind you I hadn't been on one since my accident, so I was fuhhhreaking out the whole time.) And I met another family that was in their ward. Then we got pelted with water balloons by little girls. After that, we watched Pirates of the Carribean and talked some more. It was a good night. :) It made me feel SO much better about moving.

Saturday: House hunting day. (I'll keep this short, but it was a looooooong day.) We looked at quite a few houses and right as we were about to give up for the weekend, we found this one that was in the same ward as the people we met and school #1 (which I was kind of upset about, but Heavenly Father knows what's best for me...)

and we bought it. The End.