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Thursday, March 20, 2014


{ s e v e n   h u n d r e d   e i g h t y - s i x  }

Where on earth has the time gone?! I'm not talking about my winter break. (Although that has gone by freakin' fast too...) I'm talking about the last two and a half years I have spent in Indiana. I have experienced so much in my time here and I just cannot believe I won't be coming back home to this place. Instead, when I finish this upcoming semester in July, I'll be going home to Connecticut. Like... what the heck?!

 It seems as though all of my friends from school are getting really anxious and are ready to get back to school. Don't get me wrong--I love BYU-Idaho with all that I have in me... I just don't know if I am! I don't know if I'm ready to say goodbye to this place and these people.  It's kind of a weird spot to be in. I just have no idea when the heck I will be back and that is very weird.  

Obviously, I have moved before, so that's not what's weird. What's weird is that when we moved here from Arizona, I obviously knew I was going to be back. That's where I grew up, that's where almost all of my family is, and that's where a lot of my friends are. So of course I was going to go back! 

...but this is a bit different. I have met some i n c r e d i b l e people and have made some a m a z i n g friends, but let's be honest, I wouldn't say it's the #1 tourist attraction. ;) I've only been here for 764 days of my 7,100 days of life. (And no, I did not just do that math in my head. I hate math. Days Alive Calculator

But what's crazy to me is that those 764 days have had such an insane impact on me. There is no way I would be the same person I am today without those days. 

The hard ones, the easy ones. The bad ones, the good ones. The happy ones, the sad ones. The rainy ones, the sunny ones. The hot ones, and the [more recent] FREEZING ones. 

So it isn't going to be easy to say goodbye to the place and the people that helped shape me into who I am in those 764 days. I'm happy that I get twenty-two more days in this wonderful place.

I will forever be grateful for the 
{ s e v e n   h u n d r  e d   e i g h t y - s i x }

days I will have spent in Indiana.