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Monday, November 24, 2014

What matters most. {Week 10}

Heyyy. I don't have much time to write this, but I promised myself (and my mom!) that I would post something every week, so here we go! P.S. Week TEN?! What the even heck. 

This is a goofy picture, but here is me with the beautiful blue sky. The weather has been SO nice this week... and when I say "SO nice" I mean that it has gotten up to 36 degrees...basically summer.

Kelton made me and my roommates some dang good ham, so shout out to him. P.S. He didn't know I took this, so I'm going to get in trouble once he sees it.

Fo real? Is it even allowed for someone to be this spoiled? When I say I'm the luckiest girl in the world, I mean it. 

Nic Boy and I had a real good time in the bookstore. SHE CRACKS ME UP.


I sincerely don't think that anyone could ever make me laugh as hard as this one does. She's a freakin crack up.

She's gonna kill me. Haha. I went on a tour of the school with her on Friday and I can't wait until she's here for good!

 I seriously loved every second I got with her.  

I got my hair cut and the dang lady cut way too much off. Here's me pretending I'm not mad about it.

 Hung out with these cool dudes. Hey guys, you should probably move to Rexburg.

Me: "Kelton, what should I caption this picture?" 
Kelton: "Looking up Kelton's nose."
Me: "I'm actually going to say that."
Kelton: "No don't say that."
Me: "I'm going to say that."
Kelton: "No you're not."

Update: I did say that.

I'm super duper missing my family right now. I tear up thinking about it. It's strange being away from home during the holiday time. I wanna hug these people more than anything right now. The good news is I get to see them in less than a month!!! December 20th cannot come soon enough. 

More good news: Even though I won't be spending Thanksgiving with my own family, I will be spending it with Kelton's in Oregon! Yup, another long road trip for these two. Holla. 

"What matters most is what lasts the longest and families are forever."

I love them so much. And I love YOU...whoever is reading this. I do. I love you. 


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

No greater joy. {Week 9}


This past week has been of the craziest ever, but most definitely one of the best. 

Hot chocolate run with ma FHE boyz

Tears were shed... but I couldn't be too sad about this sight because there are tire mark hearts in the snow. Haha. It's the little things.  

Speaking of hearts... found this little gem in our bell pepper!

I got sick agaaaain this week... so I was drinking a lot of honey lemon stuff and airborne. Definitely not the best timing in the world! But I've got a good one taking care of me. ;)

100% irresistible.

Then Kelton and I decided that we should probably go to Arizona...haha. :) It's a good thing I love every second I get with this guy because we ended up spending a total of about 30 hours in the car together. That's a lot of hours! Haha it was so fun to talk and laugh and jam out. Road trips rock.

We drove through the night on Friday and finally made it there on Saturday morning!!

Okay...craziest thing ever.  Kelton and I were in my grandparents' neighborhood and and we saw this sign. I can't even tell you how many times I have seen and driven past this street sign, but it all of a sudden had so much more meaning than it ever had before! Haha

It's almost a tradition now to surprise Brooklynn every time I go to Arizona. Haha. I love it so much! Her reactions are priceless.

Love these people!

My goodbye to Brooklynn wasn't as bitter as it usually is because she is coming to Rexburg this week!! HOLLA! P.S. Can we talk about how it was like 70 degrees outside and I was wearing flip flops?!

We met up with a lot of my family on this trip! I really just love every single one of my family members. I miss them all so much! So shout out to everyone we got to see on our little trip!! I really love you all so much.

Shout out to my sweet cousin Ellie for snapping this gem.

My absolute favorite place with my absolute favorite man. 

So one of the reasons we went down was because this was going to be happening... my grandparents are good friends with the Uchtdorf's and wanted to meet up with all of the grandkids! #perksofdatingme haha JK JK


You couldn't do anything to get that smile off my face. Best day ever. President Uchtdorf is such an incredible man. My testimony of living prophets grew times 34597530487 as I met him and saw how Christlike he was. He has a special spirit about him. That is for sure.

The Phoenix Arizona temple was dedicated on Sunday and I seriously cannot express to you how happy I am. Being able to see the entire process (preparing for it, it being announced, the ground breaking, the construction, and then finally the dedication) has been such a great experience.

I drove past this lot so many times growing up. Little did I know what special building would be built here!

...and now it's finally done!! (Definitely stole this picture.)

I felt so much love when I finally got the chance to walk on those sacred grounds. 

No greater joy.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Enjoying every moment. {Week 8}

Hey friends! One more week down. I'm just now realizing that I took like zero pictures this week. ...okay, nine. But that's nothin for me. Haha, but hey. That's okay. 

Have you guys seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? If not, stop reading this immediately and go watch it. If you have, I love you. 

Walter Mitty: When are you going to take it?
Sean O'Connell: Sometimes I don't. If I like a moment, for me, personally, I don't like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it.
Walter Mitty: Stay in it?
Sean O'Connell: Yeah. Right there. Right there. 

If I were to take a picture of every single beautiful moment I had this week, I'd have about 3948075634 pictures to post...and that's a lot of time to have my camera out. SO... new goal for me: enjoy every moment and don't feel like the camera needs to capture everything.

But here are the things I did take pictures of...

Lots of homework and group stuff this week...

Drinking Jamba at Freshen's. #rebel

PaRtYiN' iT uP oN a FrIdAy NiGhT (sorry I bought a Red Bull, Mom...)

I made pie and it didn't taste horrible!! #success #thanksmom

Helped at the BYU-Idaho Turkey Bowl. I can't believe how beautiful the weather has been. We'll see how much longer it lasts... 

Went to I-Cover! This acapella group r o c k e d. 

Here are Kelton's roommates and their friend Hayley performing Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. They totally KILLED it. I'm so impressed.

Such a fun show. My school rocks. 

Saw this before church this morning and I died. Hahaha. #googlyeyes

Drew sent me this picture today! #prophotographer I'm seriously so pumped to go home for Christmas break and see my beautiful family and this beautiful place. BTDubs, so excited that all the leaves fell off the trees so you can actually see the sunsets now! Haha. 

P.S. You should watch this. We had to make this for one of my classes. It may have been the most awkward thing I have ever done in my life. Enjoy.

Well, I guess that's all. See ya next time. ;)


Monday, November 3, 2014

Time of my life. {Week 7}

I'm officially half way done with my semester! That is so crazy to me. It's just flyin' by. One of my favorite songs of all time is Time of My Life by David Cook. Click here to listen. :) My mom gave me a little card with the lyrics on it at the beginning of my last semester and I've just loved it ever since.  I feel like it pretty accurately describes my college experience so far. I'm really having the time of my life! I feel super grateful and super blessed to be here surrounded by so many great people. 

I was sick Sunday-Tuesday, so I was doing a whole lot of this...

Can I just say I'm in love with Lush bath bombs?! Thanks Momma! :)

Went swing dancing for the first time ever! *This stamp is the only proof I have that I went.* I need a lot more practice, but it was a ton of fun. :)

We found some puppies! I want one so bad...

Can we talk about this for a sec?


All of the little Halloween festivities this year were so much fun. I had two costumes and I lololoved them both. 

Shout out to my daddy for helping me throw this costume together when he was in town!! He's seriously the best. 

"I hope she'll be a fool--that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool." -F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby 

We party at Gatsby's... AKA Mountain Lofts

Okay, how great is this? Flo and Mayhem

The sky was straight up on fire this week. Idaho skies are the absolute best. 

*Blurry driving pic.* Skies like this make early classes so much more bearable. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!