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Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 13



My new favorite spot.

I was having a rough day this week and PR Spice knew just what to do to make it better! I sure do love that girl.


The testing center line. LOL at the people that had to wait in this line.

We tried doing another sleepover, but I was the only one in the room when I woke up the next morning. Thanks a lot guys!

Me & Scotty!

I forgot to post about this last week, but I'm finished with cheer! We had a big performance, then a banquet, then I got this award. I'm super happy about it. I'm not the best cheerleader, but that's not what means the most to me. What means the most to me is that I could be a good friend and a good teammate.

It's been two years since me and my family moved to Indiana! So crazy. So so so crazy. If you want to time travel back to two years ago and read some of those blog posts, you go for it. Click HERE

My roommates! I love them a whole lot. This semester definitely wasn't the smoothest, but I am so grateful for them.

The next time I post, which might not be until I'm back home in Indiana, I will make a post about my semester overall.

Now for a life lesson, but mostly just a little thought.

Yesterday in Sunday School, my wonderful roommate Elyse shared something that her Book of Mormon teacher asks her class each morning. 

Have you given your day to the Lord yet?

So powerful. I need to remember to ask myself that every day. In fact, I just might make a huge poster with those words on it and hang it by my bed.

Well, thanks for reading my blog posts this semester. Until next time. Peace out. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week 12


Week 12 It was a great week!

Now it's THREE days. AHH.

Messing around in Science 101!

The love of my life: Oreo Pizza from Pizza Pie Cafe <3

I really like this shirt.

Random throwbacks:

So my bishop is a boss and we had a ward closing social yesterday at his house...with food and a lake and volleyball and a trampoline...and FOOD. 

He has a helicopter. Freaking awesome.

Still dying over this picture. Hahaha.

On Saturday night I went on a spontaneous trip to Utah! It was one crazy 24 hours. We went because...okay, this is about to get real confusing. So my roommate Haley has a boyfriend named Vince. Vince has a roommate named Scott. Vince and Scott went on the same mission. Their mission President and his wife had their homecoming talk on Sunday, so we drove to Delta, Utah to hear them speak. It was kind of like a little mission reunion for them. 

Life Lesson:

Devotionals are pretty much my favorite things ever. I always learn so much from the speakers and I can always feel the Spirit so strongly. Last week W. Douglas Shumway spoke and it was incredible. 

I'm totally going to butcher this, but he told a story of a little girl who a little crush on one of the neighbor boys. For some reason, the little girl and her mom started talking about how the little girl and the little boy could get married some day. The little girl asked her mom,

"Does he know the way to the temple?"

Always remember the way to the temple. 

Here are some of the random notes I took from Devo that day:

-Set your heart on the things that matter the most.
-Make Christ the center of your life.
-A temple is literally the House of the Lord.
-Nothing matters more than being sealed in the temple and having an eternal family.
-The Savior is always standing at your door knocking. Open up.
-Never stop learning about the Savior.
-We are never the same when we learn what the Savior did for us.
-Strikes are not failures. They are efforts towards success. 

I hope those little notes made you happy, because they sure made me happy! Have a great week. I'll talk to you once I'm done with my first semester of college!! Love you all. :) Peace.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 11

What a week! I say that every week...but for realz, every week is cray.

Nothing too exciting happened at the beginning of the week, except for of course the dance party me and my roommates had. Those are always good!

We cool.

Alright, now onto the really good stuff! On Wednesday night we left for Montana for the 4th of July weekend. Haley's boyfriend Vince has a roommate named Richie... who has family in Missoula, Montana. So their whole apartment of guys and then me, Haley, and Elyse were the ones who went up there. It was about a 5 hour drive and I got squished in the middle in between two guys I had just met, Richie and Scott, but it made things exciting. Haha. 

When we got to Missoula the first night, we rode horses and just messed around. Me, Elyse, and Haley got real cray on the trampoline! Then we roasted marshmallows and all that jazz. Also, the sky in Montana is amazing. The stars were amazing to look at. 

On Thursday, we floated down a river for a few hours. It was SO pretty. Then we had a BBQ at one of the guy's houses and watched a firework show in the parking lot at the mall in Missoula. Let me tell you...they're are some straaaange people in Missoula, Montana. Then after that we went to BDubs right before closing.

On Friday we left for the lake! The lake we went to was about an hour and a half away from Missoula, in a town called Proctor. I think it was called Lake Mary Ronan. Anyways, it was beyond gorgeous. We went tubing, jet skiing, wake boarding and rope swinging. I really wish that I could have taken pictures when I was in the middle of the lake because it was seriously breath-taking. We went camping at this spot too, which was an adventure. If you know me, you know I'm not a camper, but it was actually a lot of fun! Minus being freezing cold and sleeping on the rock hard ground. 

Saturday we played around more with all of the crazy water toys and then headed back to Missoula. We stopped for some Mexican food and then watched a movie.

That was basically my trip in a nutshell. I could have written so much more, but I thought, "Eh. Better not."

Shout out to Hipster Spice for taking this picture since I couldn't get a good shot from my seat in the back.

This horse looks possessed. It must have been blinking when I took the picture.

Just Hipster Spice being a model.

Just livin up to my name.

This was the cray night on the trampoline.


The Four Horsemen minus PR Spice :(

Hipster lookin cute as always, and me lookin ratchet.

Okay, now for my little thought of the week...

At the risk of giving my mom a heart attack, I want to share something that happened when we were driving back to Missoula from the lake. I wasn't planning on ever bringing it up again, but I learned an important lesson from it. So here we go...

Richie's dad was driving down the highway (with the boat attached to the truck too) when all of a sudden the car in front of us just slammed on its breaks. There were two options: 1. Hit the car or 2. drive into the ditch on the side of the road. Richie's dad said, "Hang on, we're going into the ditch!" Luckily the truck is big and sturdy, so it could handle all of the crazy movement. It was so scary. We didn't crash and no one was hurt at all. Just a little flustered. Right in the place we stopped in the ditch, there was a little entry way back onto the road.

There's no way that Heavenly Father wasn't watching over us when that happened. He knows us. He knows where we are. He knows what we are doing. He is always watching over us. Remember that!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!!

P.S. The design in this picture is one of my dresses. Little fun fact for ya.

P.P.S. It's my last full week of school until summer break! HOLLA.