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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 5

What. A. Week. 


I got to FaceTime my family which made me happy. :) Trevor and Anthony played some songs on the piano for me. They are beasts.

Mondays are just a no: 

We actually did something kind of cool in my Light & Sound class for once:

On Thursday, we went to a block party and it was awesoooome. They had music playing, some fires going to roast s'mores and starburst, a little photo booth, and a limo. I really need to get out more because it was super fun. See, Rexburg can be fun!! Haha. Promise.

You can't tell, but we were sticking our heads out of the roof of the limo.

I <3 bonfires

Um, so coolest thing ever. There's a guy in my ward who is super good at magic, so he showed me and a few other friends some tricks. 

So for this one, I picked a card, wrote my name on it in sharpie, folded it, and put it in my mouth. 

While I had the card in my mouth, he picked his own card and wrote his initials on it. Then he put his in his mouth. 

After a few seconds, he told me to take the card out of my mouth and open it up. 

UM, this was the card that was in my mouth: 

Like, whaaa?! My mind is blown. 

Jeff and I decided we wanted to go on a nice little ride through the mountains...because for real, it is amazing back there! So so so gorgeous. I probably said, "Oh my goodness!!!" and "wow!!!" about fifty times while we were back there.

I also said "Oh my goodness..." and "wow..." when this happened:

Sooo I was debating whether or not I wanted to post about this because I'm really not looking for a pity party (plus I didn't really want my mom to see the pictures...haha!), but the reason I have this blog is so I can document things going on my life and look back at them later. Sooo...here it is.  Anyways...

Jeff and I were just chatting it up when we came around a corner and saw this guy, who wasn't paying attention, swerve onto our side of the road and...BOOM! It was so scary. I am so grateful that we were able to walk away just fine. Looking at the trucks, you would think that the people involved had serious injuries. We are both sore and got beat up a little bit, but seriously...what a miracle! 

Memorial day will always be memorable, that's for sure! Haha. 

Hope you're having a great day. :)


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