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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week 4

Well, this week was kind of sucky! Haha. It happens. Luckily it got way better at the end of the week. 

...and when I got this gem in the mail... my mom sent me a mother's day gift, which made my heart so happy!!

It also got better when I went to the taco bus... because the taco bus makes everything better. Fo realz.

Then it really got better when we got invited to go glow in the dark shooting! It was seriously so fun. I found out I am awful at shooting (haha!) but it was awesome. I've decided I really need to get out and actually do stuff because Idaho is pretty freakin' awesome.

Coley's cute.

Oh shoot.

A mini vacay was a must, so off to Provo we went!


Umm I was literally dying when I saw this sunset. Literally. (Kourtney Kardashian, anyone?) ;) But why the heck can't pictures capture how amazing the sky actually is? You guys would have literally died too if you would've seen it. Literally. ;) 

Not only am I awful at shooting, but I am also awful at horchata pong. I suck at more things than I thought! Haha. ;) I made one ping pong ball in out of ten...so that's good...

My cousin Alex and his family are awesome and let us stay with them! They had horses in the backyard, so obviously selfies needed to happen.

We went to a mall with actual stores and actual food and it was great! :) Coley got some missionary clothes and that just freaks me out... so exciting though!!

The Provo temple is a little bit ugly. Haha but that's okay!

But do you know what's not ugly? The mountains in Provo. Actually, they're gorgeous and I was literally dying again. ;) Literally. Haha okay, sorry. I'll stop.

All of this green totally reminded me of Indiana. So pretty.

We went to a little concert on Saturday night and it was awesome. The artists that performed were absolutely INCREDIBLE. I kind of want to be them a little bit. 

Check em out here: Seventy3 Creative

Then it was back to Rexburg on Saturday night! It was a super fast trip. 

This is what every Sunday of mine looks like...haha!

Things I've learned this week:

1. Don't drive to Idaho Falls for FHE without making sure that you actually have FHE in Idaho Falls...

2. Don't trust the receptionists at hair salons. 

3. If you show up late to help clean the I-Center, you won't have to clean. Instead, you will get to help the missionaries serve refreshments to all the people that are cleaning. Haha. :)

4. I really hate science. But I already knew that.

5. Don't order flowers from Proflowers.com.

6. I scream really loud when I'm in a truck driving on dirt roads in the middle of nowhere. #babyspice

7. If you go shooting, you just might get bruised and be really sore the next few days.

8. Provo is a lot farther away than it seems.

9. I really like pizza.

10. I love Rexburg. I really do.

Enjoy this video. If you want. 

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