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Monday, December 1, 2014

And I'm feelin'...GOOD. {Week 11}

I'm on top of the world, eyyyy! I'm just so happy. :) Lovin every second up here. So I'm kind of in love with this Michael Buble song because it pretty much exactly describes how happy I am right now at this time in my life. Listen to it please!

"And I'm feelin.....GOOD."

This week was SO great!! We had our Thanksgiving Pie Social that me and a few of my friends put on for our Events Management class!

Would you believe me if I told you that we ran out of pies...? Because we did.

We originally bought 66 pies, and we ended up having to get about 150ish to last the whole time...

Hey that's me.

The tables looked like this a majority of the time...we had NO idea that this many people would show up... INSANE.

Shout out to our volunteers for rocking!!

Our hearts and souls went into these decorations.

And a few days before we were worried that nobody would come...

So anyways...then I was off to Oregon!!! We drove down with Kelton's roommates Jaron and James! They are freakin hilarious. It was basically a bro trip + me. Kelton's family is SO fun!! He has ten siblings, so it was a total party the whole time. :) They are great!!

This was just the sweetest thing in the whole world!

There was even a mint on my pillowcase! Talk about spoiled. 

His little brother Levi made this for me. What a sweetheart!

Can we talk about this for a second...? :)

Haha lil baby Kelton is so cute!

The Forsons live on such a beautiful property!!

Beautiful. Kelton took me out on a tour of the whole property!

One of their horses. :)

We went to the coast on Friday! It was pouring pretty much the whole time, but it was still so beautiful!

It was a little bit windy...hahaha but I could never hate this photo 1. because it's freakin' hilarious and 2. he is so handsome.

All smiles. This was at Silver Falls State Park! I would recommend that every single one of you put it on your bucket list because it is breathtaking. 

Me, Kelton, and his good friends Kurt and Emily! This was such a fun hike with such fun people.

Grateful for my handsome man and this sweet family of his. That's me on top! Haha

I'm going to try to name them all without cheating...ready, go. Sarai, Kelton, Dane, Savanna, Keen, (both on missions!) Israel, Heston, Brigham, Levi, Archer, Jack. BOOM. I think I got em all. Haha they are all so awesome. :) 

Salem is so cool. 

Israel and Heston had a sweet birthday party on Saturday so that was super fun to go to!

They even had a DJ and a legit photo booth! I wish I was as cool as them when I was their age. These two remind me a whole lot of Drew and Anthony!

Then we were off again! Kelton looking fierce feat. Jaron in the background. 

Pretend that this picture isn't sideways and that the sun isn't shining so bright on Kelton's face.

You can't tell from this picture, but this truck says, "Have a wonderful day!" Ditto to what the truck says. :)

Our trip was SO fun and I did not want to leave. Oregon is beautiful and I really just had so much fun. I am so thankful for all of the incredible blessings I have. I'm overwhelmed by all of the love I feel on a daily basis! 

I'm feelin' good. ;)


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