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Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 1

I am exhausted and have very little energy to write this, but I told myself I would make a post every week, so that's what I'm going to do!

My first week was so crazy. Oh my goodness. I was questioning my survival at times. Haha! But I made it! I think this will be a good semester. I'm excited. :) Not a whole lot to report as far as classes go... I'm taking 15 credits, I have a 7:45 AM class that kills me, I have never done so much homework in my life, sleep is not a thing anymore... and that's about it!

So one thing I did this week was go and see donkey basketball... that was quite an experience! Haha. Here's an insanely low quality video:

That was about it for the school week. Nothing too exciting! But the weekend was AWESOME. If I were to have dreamt up the most perfect weekend and made it happen, it would have been this one. 

Coley and I were on our way down to Idaho Falls on Saturday when we saw a TON of smoke coming from down the road, so obviously we had to go see what was up. There was a house on fire and it was so cool. I mean sad... but seriously it was wicked awesome!! Haha. Hopefully everyone was okay...

I'm sorry, is this not the coolest picture ever?! 

Then we eventually went to Target to get a few things for our apartment. Plus we just love Target, soooo...

My friend Jeff came into town and he took me to the coolest place ever called Wolverine Canyon! I'm kind of in love with it. Haha it is so gorgeous! I had been a bit bummed earlier in the day because the weather was kind of depressing, but all the storm clouds in the canyon were incredible! I need to go back there ASAP. Shout out to Jeff for showing me one of the most beautiful places on planet earth! Exploring is awesome. 

Thennnn... Coley and I went to the Scotty McCreery concert!! I'm going to be honest, I really only knew one of his songs. Haha. But that didn't stop me from screaming like crazy! He is such a stud. 

Oh, and then I got called to be the ward Relief Society Secretary...which means I'm in the Relief Society Presidency...which means a lot of responsibility...which means a lot of meetings...which means less sleep... 

but it also means that I'm going to be able to serve the sweet girls in my ward and that makes me happy.  The other girls in the presidency are absolutely incredible and they're going to be amazing. I'm excited!  

I'm going to try to write about something I learn each week, so here we go...

Devotionals are one of my all time favorite things about BYU-Idaho. President Clark and his wife spoke and it was 100% exactly what I needed to hear. 

President Clark said if when you look in the mirror and are discouraged, then to take another look and see your Savior standing beside you. How powerful is that? I'm so grateful for my Savior. It's kind of amazing to know that even if I was the only person on this earth, Heavenly Father STILL would have sent His son to die for ME... and He would have done it for YOU.  

Have a great week, everyone!

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