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Sunday, December 15, 2013


Do you remember when I was 13 and I got a kidney stone at girls camp and then made an overdramatic blog post about it?

"K so I went to Beehive Camp on Tuesday right? Right. Wednesday Afternoon: Oh my goodness gracious!!!! My side hurts soooo freakin bad!!!! There was a pediatrician at camp with us so he checked me out but he wasnt helping! He just said it was a digestion problem! ARE YOU FLIPPIN KIDDING ME?????? The pain was with me for about an hour and a half, IT WAS THE WORST PAIN I HAVE EVER FELT IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! Then I took a bath and the pain was gone! Thank goodness! :) 

Thursday Afternoon: So we're driving home from camp right? About 30 min. into the drive I start feeling the pain AGAIN! But we're not even close to arriving at home! I was just about screaming! Ashley was trying to help me as much as she could but there was not much she could do! She was rubbing my back to try to calm me down and every time we went on a turn or over a bump it would just make me feel worse so she was holding me down to make sure I wouldn't move around as much! Thx Ashley! And thx to everyone else that was helping me! 

So I FINALLY get home and my mom takes me to the doctor! You know, I thought the doctor would actually help more but guess what she said my problem was??! She said I should go to the bathroom more often! ARE YOU FLIPPIN KIDDING ME????? I go to the freakin bathroom enough!!!!!!!! Golly! And my doctor said to go get x-rays done. So, I did...Almost. I was sitting in the waiting room, waiting to get my x-rays. I was hurting soooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ppl working at the x-ray place just said to wait and they'll get us in asap but I could NOT wait ANY longer!!! A paramedic was sitting in the waiting room also he said, "I'm sorry to eavesdrop but I am a paramedic and I think you should get her to the ER because she looks like she is in an extreme amount pain." 

So...off to the ER! Except when we were driving over there it stopped hurting! So not the greatest timing cuz they couldnt see how bad it hurt! But anyway they put me in a room and the doc said "I'm pretty sure she has a kidney stone." This might sound weird but I was glad that he said that and not that it was just digestion problemos!! After about an hour of watching TV and texting, I got an IV. After another hour of lots of TV and even more texting, I got a CT Scan or Catscan. Then after 45 min. of more TV, they said that I definatley had a kidney stone. It measured 2-3 millimeters. Digestion problems! Yeah right!! Ouchie!!! They gave me a perscription for some pain medication and so I finally left the hospital and we went to Walgreen's to get me my medicine! It would take about 20 minutes until it was ready so my mom took me home to go to the bathroom because they put a ton of fluids through my IV. Right as I got home I was hurting again!! PERFECT TIMING!!! Ahh! Anyway I took my medicine and took another bath to calm me down, then I went to bed! WOOOOO CRAZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! Life is tough!!!"

Round 1. 2007.

Then do you remember when I got another one the day after my 16th birthday? (Didn't blog about that one...haha.)

Then do you remember how last Monday I got another one? Haha. Yeah. That happened. Well, now I'm going to write yet another overdramatic blog post about it. 

'Twas a typical Monday evening. I had just gotten back from the store, was watching a little Ellen... 

Then I started gradually getting a pain in my side... I asked Elyse if she had any Ibuprofen that I could take because at this point, it just felt like a little cramp that I thought would go away. She went to go grab it and out of nowhere, the pain became completely intolerable...I called my mom to ask what I should do. While I was on the phone with her, it became very clear that I had another kidney stone...Are you joking? Like, for reals, this is a joke. I asked Elyse if she could take me to the ER, and she went to go grab her car.

Meanwhile, I was on the ground moaning and crying. Haha. Eventually, Elyse (bless her heart! Don't know what I would've done without her!) came with the car and we were on our way to the Madison Memorial Hospital in Rexburg. I was having a really rough time walking, moving, breathing, living, etc. Haha. JK. But seriously... 

I got into a room at the ER, got asked a bunch of insurance questions, peed in a cup, got my IV hooked up...all that good stuff. After a solid hour, which basically seemed like eternity, they finally gave me pain meds. It was probably the most glorious thing I have ever experienced. I felt better REAL fast. Haha. I felt super weird. I got a CT Scan. I was starting to get super loopy at this point...but I felt so great! Haha. 

The rest is kind of a blur... I was really out of it. I remember hysterically laughing and then bawling my eyes out for no reason. I wish someone was recording! Haha. Props to Elyse for staying with me and dealing with me :)

I tried getting up and leaving after about an hour on the medication, but when I sat up, I felt really sick again. So I just laid back down and got even more medication and just laid there for a while.

Coley and my friend Matt came to the hospital to visit me! It was super nice of them. They had just left our ward's Christmas party (which I was seriously bummed I had missed). Matt won the ugly sweater contest (he was wearing a Utah Jazz sweatshirt hahaha) and he gave me his prize--a cute little chocolate penguin. Haha. So nice!

Eventually, I was on my way out of there! I headed to Walgreens to pick up my prescription. Poor Coley took me and had to deal with me. She helped me walk across the parking lot and then let me lay down on her lap when I was feeling really nauseous. 

When I got home, Matt and my awesome home teacher Kyle came over to give me a blessing--which I am super grateful for! Then I went to bed and proceeded to be OUT for a solid two days. 

What an adventure. 

P.S. 6 days until I go HOME.  

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