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Sunday, December 8, 2013

PHX to IND to...BDL?

"PHX to IND" has been something I've been saying for the past few years that I think explains my life perfectly.

"PHX": So many memories. I grew up here! I went to Elementary school, middle school, and part of high school here. I met some of my best friends here. All of my family is here. I love this place.
"to": The" to" is huge. The transition phase! Lots of growing happened during this phase. Heartbreak, tears (both happy and sad), confusion, happiness, sadness, etc. Feel free to blog stalk me and look at all of those posts while I was going through the transition.
"IND": I guess you could say that this phase of my life was still a transition phase. Lots of hardships, but definitely some very happy times. I've made some life-long friends here. I graduated from high school here! It wasn't until recently in this phase (this past August to be exact...) that I fully accepted Indiana as my home. I love Indiana. I don't care what anyone says. Haha.

Then of course there was the "to BYUI," but we're just going to save that part for another blog post because there's something a little bit more exciting to talk about!

You probably noticed the "to BDL" part of my title. Let's talk about that.

BDL: This airport code kind of throws off my whole little saying...because how the heck are you supposed to know that Bradley International Airport (BDL) is in Hartford, Connecticut?

If I haven't made it clear enough, the Burns family is moving to Connecticut. I feel like we just did this. Hm, weird. That's probably because...WE JUST DID!

My mom casually called me on Thursday night and we just had an ordinary conversation. Then my mom said, "Oh! Dad just came in! He wants to talk to you." I knew something was about to go down...I overheard the boys gathering. "Okay, this is serious." Haha. He got on the phone and started talking about work...oh man, I know where this is going! There were so many things running through my mind. I just couldn't focus on anything he was saying because I knew he was about to say something good! After all, I've experienced this before. I'm basically a pro.

Eventually, he broke the news! I could hear the boys' reactions in the back. I just kept thinking, "wait, what?!?"

This move is definitely going to be much different than the Indiana move! Obviously I'm at school in Idaho for most of the year, so it really doesn't affect me that much. But...

1. I JUST accepted that Indiana was my home. Good freakin' timing! Haha. And...
2. Obviously when we moved to Indiana, we went to visit Arizona because all of our family is there. But Indiana...who knows when the heck we will visit! Which makes me sad...because I love that place.

So I guess as of June 2014, Connecticut is my new home-base. Who knows what the heck I will say when people ask me where I'm from... As if I wasn't confused enough already!!!

Even though our time in Indiana was limited, I wouldn't trade it for anything.


to IND...

to BDL.

 Then who knows where... :)

Congrats to my Daddy for being awesome and progressing in his work! He is the hardest working man I know. Shout out to him. I love you Dad!!! Congratulations!

Here we go again!


  1. I think this is totally exciting . . . :) Can't wait to come visit y'all in Connecticut . . . we are hoping to come during the fall so we can see the majestic changing of the leaves that I've read about and seen pictures of. ;)

    Home is where your heart is, right? Hopefully after this adventure is over . . . or after your dad finally retires, y'all will make it back to Arizona!

    Aunt Evie

    1. That would be so great!! I'm sure it's going to be beautiful. :) Sure do love you!