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Monday, October 6, 2014

Life is so sweet. {Week 3}

I'm just so happy.

I have like zero time to write this because I have a crap ton of homework, but here we goooo...

I don't really have a super outstanding story to share this week, but one thing I've been trying harder to do is to make scripture study and prayer a priority. I think it was Richard G. Scott who said in his talk in conference to "not yield to Satan's lie that you don't have time. It is more important than sleep and school." That really stuck out to me! I forget that a lot, but I'm trying to be better. Ever since I started studying my scriptures daily and have put more focus on saying more meaningful prayers, I have felt 843987657 times better. I don't ever want to stray from this feeling.

Life is so much sweeter when you put the Savior before anything else. 

Lex, Cona, and I went on an adventure and had a little photo sesh! Haha such awesome people.

I just think this picture is awesome. Even though it's blurry. Ha!

Don't know what was going on with my feet...

Laser tag with awesome people!


Kelton had a job interview in Utah, so we went down there for the weekend!! It was so much fun. I could relive it 349857 more times and it would still be just as great.

Umm, this is a horrible picture... but I still love it. Haha! 

We went to a little bit of the BYU game... it was a little rough to watch. Haha! I'm so happy we got to go though! 

This was in Kelton's aunt & uncle's house and I totally loved it.

Jaron, Kelton and I went to Tucano's in Salt Lake and it was AMAZING. 

Then I got to see these GEMS! I love this family more than anyone can comprehend. 

I'm actually in love with Idaho. 

Goofy car selfies. Gotta love em! Haha. 

Such a fun ride!

No comment... ;)

That's all for now. :) Oh, P.S. I'm turning TWENTY this week!!!

I hope you have such a happy day.


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