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Monday, September 29, 2014

You'll see. {Week 2}

Not gonna lie, last Sunday started out kinda rough, but a quick little trip to the temple made me feel 100 million times better. You can't help but see a little glimpse of eternity when you're looking at this beautiful place.

After that, the week just kept getting better and better! This week was really a game changer. So many good things happened. 

On Wednesday in my Doctrine & Covenants class, my teacher was telling us about an experience he had when nothing was going right in his life. (It seemed a whole lot like some stuff I've been going through, so I was paying attention like I had never paid attention before.) He just kept asking Heavenly Father, "Why? Why is nothing going right? Why is everything crashing and burning? WHY?" (I have been asking those things a lot too.) And then the Spirit whispered to him: 

"You'll see."

I know I'm not the one who had that experience, but I swear... nothing has ever struck me so hard. I got my answer to my prayers through my teacher's answer. It was exactly what I needed to hear. And I'm so grateful. So, my new life motto is "you'll see."


Here are some random pictures from my week:

Here are my AMAZING roommates! 4/5 of us at least. {Brooke, what the heck. We need to hang out more!!} Everyone meet Lex, Rach, and Cona! All of my roommates are gems. Every single one of them.

This is me with a name tag because I went to a retreat thing for one of my classes in Driggs on Friday!

That's pretty much it for the school week! Just school, school, and more school.

On Saturday I went with some freaking awesome people out to Driggs to hike up to the wind caves! I did so many things out of my comfort zone and it felt dang good. (One of those things was repelling down a 20 ft wall into a sketchy hole inside of a cave! Say whaaa.) 

Here are a lot of pictures that I stole:

Couldn't have asked for a better group to go with!!

"She wasn't ready..."

Felt like a beast.

Got a little bit banged up from army crawling through the cave! So cute huh?! Haha. So worth it. 

And a little shout out to my wonderful Daddy! Hope it's been such a happy day. Wish I could hug you. 

Anyways, I guess that's all. It's already been such a great week, so stay tuned 'til next time... :)


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