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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sophomore Year: Part I

Oh my, it's taken me forever to get this together. So many freaking pictures. ***Feel free to not read this. So long. Haha. I't's mostly just for me.*** My 3rd semester of college is DONE! I can't believe how fast my college experience is flying by. By the end of the fall semester, I'll have my associates degree & that is just insane to me. 

I absolutely LOVED this semester. It was a bit of a roller coaster ride with some highs and lows, but I've gotta say, they were mostly highs. I'm pretty much just in love with the spring semester at BYU-Idaho. It's a blast. It's kind of strange being in school while everyone's on summer break, but I still felt like I was on summer break--just with a lot more schoolwork. Haha! But the amount of fun I had made up for it. :)

So here are some memorable things that happened this semester:

1. Moved to a new apartment complex with Coley and a bunch of randoms (who turned out to be some of the coolest, most hilarious people I have ever met!! Love you guys!)

2. Got called to be the Relief Society Secretary which=a lot of meetings this semester, but what a huge blessing this calling was!

3. Witnessed the game of donkey basketball

4. Went to a Scotty McCreery concert 

5. Went on an adventure through the mountains

6. Went on an adventure through the mountains that ended in a bad car accident... and I'm still freaked out to drive. Haha

7. Got to know the chiropractor a little bit too well for my liking (3-5 times a week for 2 months...yikes!)

8. Went to more bonfires than I can count 

9. Ran over a rabbit and I'm still traumatized about it

10. Witnessed some beautiful sunsets 

11. Watched Coley open her mission call to Carlsbad, California!!

12. Went to the temple every Thursday with Coley

13. Shot a gun for the first time

14. Played horchata pong and then wanted to puke

15. Went to some cray dance parties

16. Cried

17. Had more snow cones than I probably should have

18. Jumped off a bridge

19. Watched a crap ton of Miranda Sings videos & then witnessed Coley being Miranda about 348756 times ;)

20. Witnessed the most hilarious thing of my life (Coley getting scared by Ryan in a clown mask)

21. Learned how to drive stick shift (P.S. Still in shock)

22. Witnessed some crazy magic

23. Had to drink the devil's drink (Eco-flora)

24. Laughed 

25. Didn't have to buy ice cream for the first time since I've been at college. (Haha!)

26. Got to hang out with my gurrrrl Nahiomi!!

27. Had to say goodbye to Nahiomi

28. Cried

29. Dyed my hair 

30. Bought cheesy 4th of July shirts

31. Saw the Idaho Falls fireworks show

32. Danced

33. Went floating down a river and almost got eaten by a beaver (lol jk)

34. Went to Monkey Rock

35. Had to buy a plunger

36. Rode on the back of a sweet motorcycle

37. Had an awesome weekend at a cabin in Island Park

38. Dressed up like a cow for free Chick-fil-a

39. Went to Yellowstone for the first time

40. Laughed so hard I thought my face was going to fall off

So there are some of the highlights! There are so many more, but I'm tired of typing. I'm super grateful I was able to have such an awesome semester. Shout out to everyone that made it so great! I'm going to have to do another blog post soon about Connecticut. It's weird to be here, but it is so wonderful! It's absolutely gorgeous. My only wish is that Drew was here so that my whole family could be together. Soon! :) 

And here are a crap ton of photos for you to scroll through:

Round of applause to you for making it all the way to the bottom! Thanks for keeping up with me this semester. :)


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  1. Every time you post something it gets me even more to be heading out to Rexburg! Thank you for another awesome update! :)