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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What up CT.

Heyyyy! Today has been kind of a hard day, and doing my cheesy little blog posts seems to always make me feel better... so it's worth a try, right?!

I've been in Connecticut now for almost 3 weeks! And I have about a month left to go before I head back to school.

Here are 8 things you should know about Connecticut: (because I couldn't think of 10...)

1. So many freaking trees.

2. ALL of the roads are either one lane or two lanes. They are also really curvy and hilly, (is that a word?) so my post-accident anxiety is not doing so hot because every time I come around a corner, I think there is going to be a truck coming at me. Not a fan!

3. It takes a solid 25 minutes to get anywhere.

4. All of the buildings/stores/restaurants look like houses.

5. They don't have fountain drinks at gas stations...or anywhere for that matter. AKA my mom is having a Diet Coke crisis!

6. So many different forms of wildlife will come chill in your backyard. See below...

7. Before we moved, I heard a good 34576 times that people in New England aren't friendly... so far, these people have turned out to be the friendliest, nicest people I have ever met.

8. It is beautiful. So, so, so indescribably beautiful.


(Sunset pictures in Provo that I really couldn't resist posting because look at them...Utah rocks.)

I witnessed the most INSANE fireworks show of my whole life in South Jordan. It lasted for about 2 hours, and then they decided they would stop because it was getting too late... So freakin cool. Fireworks are my favorite. And I expect my future husband to buy fireworks for his proposal to me. Haha!

And then I was off!

GOOD MORNING BALTIMORE. Haha sorry. I had to. I had a layover in Baltimore that was supposed to be 1 hour, but turned into 5, so that was fun...


I tried, okay...?

Found these gems on my bed when I got home. I really didn't feel like taking the time to rotate them, so sorry. Haha. 

A tiny glimpse at our new house. Still weird. 

So before I came out here, I asked Anthony and Trevor what they thought about Connecticut and every time they would say, "There's too many trees." I kept thinking, "that can't be the only thing they have to say about that place..." BUT, it's accurate. In fact, most accurate statement of my life. The trees are absolutely gorgeous, but it really makes me feel claustrophobic. Haha! I'm slowly getting used to it. 

I had a major freak out the other day because they should the Cambria Suites on a TLC show. This was the first place we stayed right when we moved to Indiana while we waited for our house to be finished. I actually really miss Indiana. 

We went kayaking down the Farmington River! It was beautiful. 

Still in shock that this is my backyard...

...and that this is my neighborhood.

There are some really cool places to eat around here! One of our new favorites is BurgerFi.

"This should be my job." Anthony is the coolest person I know. 


We went to Milford, Connecticut to check out the beach! Lovin that it's just an hour from our house.

I tried to be cool with a snapback...I don't know if that plan really worked.

The water was a little bit disgusting, but hey, that's alright. 

#shellfie (Anthony gets credit for that one.)

Blowing bubbles.

Trevor turned 12 and was ordained! Can't believe how old he's getting. This past Sunday he passed the sacrament for the first time, gave his first sacrament meeting talk, (nailed it by the way!!) and conducted the music in Priesthood. Such a little stud.

We hiked to the Heublein Tower, so that was pretty sweet! 

*ignore the finger*

I've also been going to the gym every day. I've been working my freaking butt off. 

We went and visited my Daddy at work!

This made me feel pretty legit.

And you all know about this. Haha! On Sunday morning, we were sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast and my mom yelled, "OH. MY. GOSH." We looked out the window and...bear. Like what? Trev and Anthony decided to name him Bob. (Bear in Our Backyard)

Went to a sketchy movie theatre. P.S. Anthony is a model. Been loving being around these two. Just missing one! Drew comes home on FRIDAY!!!

P.S. Nahiomi just left on her mission and Coley leaves in like a month. I am going through a crisis. So many tears. It's hard to give up your best friends for 18 months! 

Goals to keep working toward while I'm on break:

1. Keep working out every day.
2. Stop comparing myself to others and just love myself. Imperfections and all.
3. Grow closer to my Savior and my Heavenly Father.

And here are a few little quotes that I needed to hear. Maybe you do too. 

"The One who had power to calm the elementsof earth has power to calm our souls to give us refuge in the storm."


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