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Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 13



My new favorite spot.

I was having a rough day this week and PR Spice knew just what to do to make it better! I sure do love that girl.


The testing center line. LOL at the people that had to wait in this line.

We tried doing another sleepover, but I was the only one in the room when I woke up the next morning. Thanks a lot guys!

Me & Scotty!

I forgot to post about this last week, but I'm finished with cheer! We had a big performance, then a banquet, then I got this award. I'm super happy about it. I'm not the best cheerleader, but that's not what means the most to me. What means the most to me is that I could be a good friend and a good teammate.

It's been two years since me and my family moved to Indiana! So crazy. So so so crazy. If you want to time travel back to two years ago and read some of those blog posts, you go for it. Click HERE

My roommates! I love them a whole lot. This semester definitely wasn't the smoothest, but I am so grateful for them.

The next time I post, which might not be until I'm back home in Indiana, I will make a post about my semester overall.

Now for a life lesson, but mostly just a little thought.

Yesterday in Sunday School, my wonderful roommate Elyse shared something that her Book of Mormon teacher asks her class each morning. 

Have you given your day to the Lord yet?

So powerful. I need to remember to ask myself that every day. In fact, I just might make a huge poster with those words on it and hang it by my bed.

Well, thanks for reading my blog posts this semester. Until next time. Peace out. 


  1. Hi, Lauren!
    You seemed to be enjoying a lot there in ID.. Bring a hot spirit of AZ there :)