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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week 12


Week 12 It was a great week!

Now it's THREE days. AHH.

Messing around in Science 101!

The love of my life: Oreo Pizza from Pizza Pie Cafe <3

I really like this shirt.

Random throwbacks:

So my bishop is a boss and we had a ward closing social yesterday at his house...with food and a lake and volleyball and a trampoline...and FOOD. 

He has a helicopter. Freaking awesome.

Still dying over this picture. Hahaha.

On Saturday night I went on a spontaneous trip to Utah! It was one crazy 24 hours. We went because...okay, this is about to get real confusing. So my roommate Haley has a boyfriend named Vince. Vince has a roommate named Scott. Vince and Scott went on the same mission. Their mission President and his wife had their homecoming talk on Sunday, so we drove to Delta, Utah to hear them speak. It was kind of like a little mission reunion for them. 

Life Lesson:

Devotionals are pretty much my favorite things ever. I always learn so much from the speakers and I can always feel the Spirit so strongly. Last week W. Douglas Shumway spoke and it was incredible. 

I'm totally going to butcher this, but he told a story of a little girl who a little crush on one of the neighbor boys. For some reason, the little girl and her mom started talking about how the little girl and the little boy could get married some day. The little girl asked her mom,

"Does he know the way to the temple?"

Always remember the way to the temple. 

Here are some of the random notes I took from Devo that day:

-Set your heart on the things that matter the most.
-Make Christ the center of your life.
-A temple is literally the House of the Lord.
-Nothing matters more than being sealed in the temple and having an eternal family.
-The Savior is always standing at your door knocking. Open up.
-Never stop learning about the Savior.
-We are never the same when we learn what the Savior did for us.
-Strikes are not failures. They are efforts towards success. 

I hope those little notes made you happy, because they sure made me happy! Have a great week. I'll talk to you once I'm done with my first semester of college!! Love you all. :) Peace.

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