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Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Favorites

You may have been wondering what I've been doing since my off-track started. Or maybe you haven't. It's fine.  

To sum it up quickly:

I was literally living in Antarctica the entire month of January. I loved how one of my former managers put it: January has basically been cancelled. Fo' realz though. School was cancelled for over a week and I can't even count how many late starts the boys have had. Church was even cancelled twice. Even on the days nothing was cancelled, you don't dare step outside! Going from the car to inside a building is too much. So now you can see why I've been spending a heck of a lot of time by the fireplace. #sorrynotsorry

If you know me pretty well, you would know that I'm kind of in love with the "beauty gurus" on YouTube and secretly aspire to be one of them. I could probably watch hair and makeup tutorials until the end of time. Anyways, a lot of the girls on YouTube do monthly favorite videos where they talk about beauty products they had loved that month. I won't bore you today by writing about the makeup I've been loving this month (but maybe I will sometime because that actually sounds kinda fun...). What I will do, though, is talk about my favorite memories/things that happened in January. 

January Favorites:

1. Free Frostys

At every single one of Anthony's swim meets, we each get a coupon for a free Frosty. And let me tell ya, we've been to a freakin lot of swim meets. So basically I'm in Frosty heaven every single day and I'm not even sorry about it. 

2. Netflix & Donuts

This is what many of my January days have consisted of. No regrets.

3. The Sky

You already know this, but I'm in love with sunrises and sunsets. They make my soul happy.

4. Adventures

As if I wasn't cold enough already, our furnace decided to be dumb and break during the middle of the night a few weeks ago. I was literally frozen. So that was cool. Haha cool...

5. Gym Time

I've really been enjoying going to the gym since I've been back home! There's a sweet old man named Mark that scans my little gym card. I like talking to him. He makes me happy. He reminds me of my Grandpa Burns. Shout out to you, Grandpa, if you're reading this. :)

6. Road Trips

Remember that one time we drove through Brazil to get to St. Louis? Good times, good times.

7. House Hunting

I probably can't even count how many hours I've spent looking at houses in Connecticut. It's just so exciting! I have to say though, it is really weird to me that these are my last few months in Indiana. I feel like we just got here. I'm grateful for the time I've had to live here! I have definitely grown a lot since we moved here. 

8. Family Time

Being away from home and living on your own changes you. It really does. It made me realize how precious time with my family is. These boys are growing up so fast and it's breaking my heart! I want so badly to freeze time. Literally all I ever want to do for the rest of forever is spend time with them. I don't want to miss a second. I really liked one of ShayCarl's videos where he was talking about how we need to enjoy our lives RIGHT NOW. It's so true. It goes by way too fast. I love my family more than anything!!! I am so so so blessed. 

"Be happy right now. In this moment. Right here. Right now. RIGHT NOW! That's the time to be happy. That's the secret to life." 

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