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Monday, October 14, 2013


Well, another two weeks have gone by! This week is my 5th week. That is crazy to me...because it feels like I have been here for half a century. Time for a break? Yeah! Except for we don't have a break  for another 37 days. So that stinks!

This semester is really overwhelming. I'm going to try better to blog every week, (this is only the second post of the semester...whoops!) buuuut we'll see how that goes.

Week 3:

I really don't have a whole lot to say about week 3, haha. Pretty uneventful! Pizza Pie Cafe...It snowed, but come on, that was no surprise! Photo shoot for my humanities class...Sleepover in the living room. GENERAL CONFERENCE! That was great. So great! It was weird not being at home for general conference, but it was still just as good. I love that I go to a school where all of my roommates have the same beliefs as me. It is way cool that I was able to sit in our living room and watch it with all of them and talk about what the speakers were saying. Good week!

Week 4:

Well, the most wonderful day of the year was this week! ...My birthday! :) I'm 19 now. That's weird. It's probably not weird to you guys, but this is the oldest I've ever been! Haha. And it's my last year of being a teenager. I'm getting old! Ahh. 

So, I woke up early and made myself breakfast! I don't think I've ever had to make myself breakfast on my birthday before. So that was weird. Then I headed off to school! I don't really know/talk to anyone in my math class, but then in my humanities class, my friends had everyone sing Happy Birthday to me! I was super embarrassed and my face got as red as a tomato, but it sure made me feel special! Then I came home to find this:

My roommate bought me presents, balloons, flowers, and wrote me some really sweet notes. Then my Daddy sent me these beautiful flowers! It made me so happy. I burst into tears and I could not stop crying. Now, last year on my birthday, I was crying too, but they weren't happy tears. My 18th birthday was probably one of the hardest days of my life. None of my friends in Indiana remembered (except for my friend Regina who gave me a Rice Krispie Treat at lunch!), and I just felt so lonely. Everyone wants to be remembered on their birthday! Constant tears all day. But my family is wonderful and ended up making it a really special day. I am so grateful for them! Anyways, part of the reason I was crying this year was because I was because I was so grateful for my wonderful friends and roommates who did so much to make it one of the most special birthdays I have ever had! I felt so loved. I seriously have the best friends ever. I really don't know if they will ever understand how much I appreciated all they did for me! I love them so so much!

I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of this because I was just way too excited to open it, but my family sent me a huge package with 19 things in it! 

1. A card
2. A recorder (yeah, I don't know!)
3. Hot chocolate
4. Cheesecake mix
5. Lotion
6. Baby Lips
7. Stress Relief Hand Sanitizer (haha!)
8. And Indiana University shirt
9. A mirror for my bathroom (bye-bye crazy eyebrows!)
10. Monsters University eye ball candy (Can you guess who that was from?)
11. Airborne (Thanks Dad! Haha)
12. Fuzzy socks
13. Zone Bars (I can't buy them here and they're my favorite!!)
14. A dollar from Ashton (see picture below)
15. Toothpaste
16. Gum
17. An iTunes gift card 
18. Mio for water
19. The flowers from my Daddy!

So thoughtful of them! I got to FaceTime with them too, which was so fun! It's my first birthday away from home--which was really weird. I wish I could've just given them all a big hug! I'm so grateful for them. 

After that, we had cupcakes that Coley made for me! Then we went to Winger's for dinner. I got Chicken & Waffles and it was magical. Don't doubt it until you down it. My roommates sang to me in the restaurant and then they gave me an "Asphalt Pie" to go. Funny story, when we were walking to the car, I dropped it. On the asphalt. 

Right after that we went to go get ready for our 5K "Glow Run" on campus. Ya know, I was expecting a lot more glow and a lot less run! But it was way fun! My roommates and I were being crazy and just goofed off the whole time. Good stuff! 

Then we went to go see the movie Gravity. I would highly suggest this movie if you really love being stressed out. 

Nahiomi got me this super awesome hat.

Everyone please enjoy Coley's face. 

Elyse blew up all of these balloons! I LOVE BALLOONS. (Thanks boo!!)

So basically I am extremely blessed and extremely grateful for everyone that made my day so special. I LOVE YOU ALL. :) 

On Saturday, we went wedding dress shopping for my roommate Haley!! I am so excited for her. I started crying when she found her dress. Haha. She is going to be the most beautiful bride in the whole world! I love her so much! Also, her friend Katie drove up from Salt Lake to come shopping with us, so it was great to see her!

We went to the Haunted Straw Maze. You know, there are many reasons why my roommates call me Baby Spice. Poor Katie and Nahiomi had to put up with me through that whole thing! Sorry bout that! Here's us with our new friend:

Well, until next time. 

And remember, "it's better to look up!"

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