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Thursday, April 21, 2011

“Everything can change at any moment, suddenly and forever.”

It's crazy how your entire life can be changed in an instant. This past week has been...insane. Before I get to the news, let's rewind back to a few weeks ago. My life was perfect. At least it felt like it. Things had been going my way with boys lately... :) so I was happy about that. And I had just gotten home from my Nationals competition in Las Vegas and we did a.m.a.z.i.n.g. So I was super pumped about next season and so happy that I found something I loved so much.

Anyways, we got home late on Sunday night so my parents let me sleep in. I took as long as I could getting ready that morning trying to see if it would get me out of going to school. Finally my parents gave in and said I could stay home from school. Then my mom and dad called me out of my room and brought me into the family room so they could "update me on some things."

I sat down, my heart was beating. Then my dad started talking. "So I just wanted to go over our plans for the summer" (In my head I was just like ehhh, okay. This isn't a big deal like I thought it would be.) "You've got your trip with Kathy to Oklahoma, Girl's Camp, EFY, and a move to INDIANA."


(I didn't actually say that, but that's what was going through my head.) My eyes opened really wide and I said, "for sure?!?" I was in shock. Complete shock. I started to cry...

Be grateful for this moment in time. Always be grateful. You never know when something will come your way and change your life completely.

I'm gonna miss this place.


  1. But just think of the amazing adventure this experience will bring! And all the new places that you get to visit. And a cool new house with a...basement! I am so jealous! Annnnd you can fly everywhere to visit family. It will be awesome!!! Just keep thinking positive thoughts.

  2. I think I am the only one the is smiling about moving, is that bad?